22nd February 2013

2013 F1 Showcars Announced By Minichamps

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Today Minichamps announced its range of 2013 Formula One showcars.

This year Minichamps is producing showcars in both scales for Red Bull, McLaren, Lotus and Mercedes. There will also be 1:43 showcars for both Sauber drivers.

Just to remind you, showcars differ from the 2013 race cars in that they are the previous season’s shape finished in the teams’ new liveries.

Showcars that we think will prove popular include the 1:43 Sebastian Vettel 2013 Red Bull showcar (DC213401P), the 1:43 Sergio Perez 2013 McLaren showcar (DC212406P), the 1:43 Nico Hulkenberg 2013 Sauber showcar (DC213411P), and the 1:18 Lewis Hamilton 2013 Mercedes showcar (DC21310P).

Click here to see them all.

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