9th August 2013

Where Do I Start?

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There’s plenty to talk about today so make sure you’re sitting comfortably!

First off, Paragon announced a new colour for the 1:18 1971 Jaguar XJ6: white (PA98301). The red (MI2011002) and brown (MI2011004) versions are due to arrive with us next week, although the latter is already sold out to pre-orders and we can also only take a few more orders for the red before that one will also be finished.

Talking of pre-sell outs, we heard today that all six of Minichamps’ 1:43 2012 DTM BMWs have been added to the August/early September release schedule. Unfortunately we heard at the same time that no more orders can be taken for Bruno Spengler (P122207), Martin Tomczyk (P122201), Andy Priaulx (P122215), Augusto Farfus (P122216) or Marco Werner (P122208), while there are only a couple left unsold of Joey Hand (P122202).

We hope to take delivery of the Minichamps ‘backlog’ next week now by the way, which will contain the last six weeks’ worth of new releases while the importer has gone through its administration and subsequent buy out. So as far as Minichamps is concerned we should be back to business as usual very soon.

From pre-sell outs to something that we actually had in stock before selling out, we today sold the last of our limited edition of just 24 examples of the Sebastian Vettel signed Minichamps 1:18 2010 Abu Dhabi Red Bull (DC21005ADS).

Spark confirmed its 1:43 2013 Le Mans subjects, which we offered for pre-order on the Monday after the race. Apart from the Ferraris (which are being replicated by Fujimi) the only car that Spark will not be producing is the #95 Aston Martin Vantage in which Allan Simonsen lost his life in the early stages of the race, which is understandable. You can click here to see every 1:43 2013 Le Mans replica that has been announced.

Finally today, Greenlight announced some interesting 1:18 TV and film announcements. These include the white Dodge Challenger as featured in Vanishing Point (GL12896), Phobe’s taxi cab from Friends (GL12887) and a new version of the Bullitt Ford Mustang that will come with a Steve McQueen figure (GL12885). You can click here to see all of Greenlight’s latest new announcements.

Right, now that you’ve got through all that, enjoy the weekend!

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