26th September 2013

GT Autos Releases 1:18 Evoque

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As promised in yesterday’s entry, GT Autos released its 1:18 Range Rover Evoque in white with a black roof (GTA11003) today. In doing so, they became the first brand to release a replica of this car in 1:18 scale. It has everything you would expect from a 1:18 at this price point: opening doors, bonnet, boot and working steering.

We had a company night out to see Rush yesterday, and we were highly impressed with the film. Chris Hemsworth was great as Hunt but the real star of the show, in our opinion, was Daniel Bruhl who played Niki Lauda. He got the Austrian’s accent and mannerisms down to a tee. Now there are a few inaccuracies, but you have to bear in mind that this is a feature film, an interpretation of the rivalry between the two drivers, not a documentary.

The realism of some of the racing sequences was pretty impressive. We thought the use of CGI was good in some places and not others. For the recreation of Lauda’s crash, for example, it worked pretty well.

If you’re a motorsport fan it’s well worth a watch. You can also pre-order the movie from us on DVD (DVD1006) and Blu-Ray (BLU1006). 

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