14th April 2014

New Releases From Spark And Corgi

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Today we received a delivery of just six 1:43 subjects from Spark, which is pretty small by their standards!

The best of this lot was the McLaren M7C that John Surtees raced in the 1970 Dutch Grand Prix (SPK3134), and the gorgeous 1937 Delage V12 Labourdette (SPK2713).

Another interesting subject took the form of the Spice SE86C that Gordon Spice, Fermin Velez and Philippe de Henning drove to C2 class honours in the 1987 Le Mans 24 Hours (SPK3588).

Corgi sent us four new aircraft subjects today, including the impressive 1:72 Consolidated B24D-25 Liberator ‘Ruth-Less’ (CG34017), which has an impressive 46 centimetre wingspan. It also weighs an absolute tonne.

Other 1:72 planes included Alfred Surau’s Messerschmitt BF109-6 (CG27103), the North American B25 Mitchell II that was used by No. 226 Squadron (CG35311) and the Gloster Gladiator Mk.II N5903 that was used by 141 Fighter Squadron (CG36210).

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