12th May 2014

IXO Delivers Jaguar’s F-type In 1:43

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Today we received a cracking delivery of 1:43 models courtesy of Premium X, which is a sub-brand of IXO.

Headlining the delivery were three colourways of Jaguar’s gorgeous F-Type V8S: red (PRD302), black (PRD301) and white (PRD303). Demand for this trio has been very high with our customers, showing just how popular Jaguars - be it modern or classic - still are. We’re really hoping that one of the manufacturers, perhaps AUTOart, goes on to make it in 1:18, because that would be spectacular!

The other ‘Big Cat’ on the delivery was a resin model of the Jaguar X-Type that was used by Merseyside Police (PRD343). We also received another modern British road car, the 2013 Range Rover, in both black (PRD304) and Dark Bronze (PRD305).

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