24th October 2014

Amalgam Steers Towards Ferrari

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Just a couple of weeks after Amalgam announced that it would be producing 2014 Ferrari F14 T nose cones, the company confirmed that it will also be making a 1:4 2014 Ferrari F14 T steering wheel (AML1403).

We doubt that any more steering wheels will be produced for the other teams though, which is a great shame, as Amalgam’s range of steering wheels and nose cones used to sell very well for us.

In other news Matrix announced some more excellent 1:43 British road car subjects, including the 1967 Alvis 3-Litre Super Graber Coupe in blue (MX40205021), the 1953 Daimler DB18 Hooper Green Goddess in maroon (MX10402021), and the 1937 Bentley 4.25 Litre Pillarless Saloon Carlton in white and blue (MX40201061).

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