8th December 2014

Mattel Confirms Bond’s Aston Martin DB10

As soon as the new Bond car, the Aston Martin DB10, was unveiled at the press conference for the new James Bond movie Spectre, we were wondering which manufacturer was going to announce a model of it.

Well, it turns out we didn’t have long to wait as, today, Mattel confirmed that it will be producing the James Bond Aston Martin DB10 from Spectre in 1:18 scale (HWCMC94). Nothing generates excitement like a new Bond car, even more so if it’s an Aston Martin, so we’re delighted that Mattel has reacted so quickly.

Mattel also announced several other movie subjects, including the 1:18 Batmobile from Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (HWCMC89).  They will also be replicating a couple of interesting sports car subjects too: the 1:18 2015 Aston Martin Vantage GT (HWDGH06) and the 1:18 2015 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS (HWDGH07). Mattel hasn’t yet confirmed colours for either of these models.

It will certainly be interesting to see how Mattel’s range starts to take shape, after they gave up the Ferrari licence earlier in the year. Click here to see all of Mattel’s new announcements.

In other news, Sun Star released a 1:18 replica of Roger Clark’s Ford Escort RS1800 from the Rally of Morocco (SS4490). It is a limited edition of just 996 pieces worldwide.

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