19th March 2014

Spark Solid As Usual

Spark continues to churn out 1:43 replicas, as we received another 18 new 1:43 subjects from the resin model maker.

There’s not really anything spectacular on this delivery, rather several interesting models.

Their ‘60s McLarens seem to be going down very well with our customers, as most of them have never been replicated before. The latest two releases are Basil van Rooyen’s McLaren M7A from the 1969 South African Grand Prix (SPK3117), and the McLaren M7A that Denny Hulme raced in the 1969 Dutch Grand Prix (SPK3119).

The only other classic F1 model was the Matra MS120 that was raced in the 1971 Monaco Grand Prix by Jean-Pierre Beltoise (SPK1593).

The rest of the 2013 DTM cars arrived too; there’s the Audis RS5s of Jamie Green (SPKSG117), Miguel Molina (SPKSG119), Timo Scheider (SPKSG120) and Adrien Tambay (SPKSG121), as well as the Mercedes of Christian Vietoris (SPKSG124). All of them are German market specials limited to just 500 pieces worldwide.

Click here to see the rest of Spark’s new releases.

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14th March 2014

AUTOart’s Sixth Element

Today AUTOart delivered five new 1:18 subjects, and we also put the rest of Spark’s 1:18 announcements onto our website.

The highlight from AUTOart was the stunning 1:18 2010 Lamborghini Sesto Elemento (AA74671), which looks fantastic with its carbon fibre bodywork. It also has opening doors and a removable rear engine cover.

A very close second in the excitement stakes was AUTOart’s extremely intricate 1:18 2011 Pagani Huayra in white (AA78267). You actually have to undo some screws in order to open up the front and rear bodywork. It’s very fiddly, but worth the effort as the detail is stunning.

AUTOart also released the 1:18 2010 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport in three colours: Carbon Black (AA70937), Dark Blue (AA70938), and blue and white (AA70939).

In other news, all of Spark’s 2014 1:18 announcements are now on our website.  The most interesting subjects took the form of three Aston Martin road cars: the DB4 (SPA18S132), DB4 convertible (SPA18S133), and DB4 GT (SPA18S134).

There were some great endurance subjects too, including the Ford GT40 that David Hobbs and Mike Hailwood drove to third place in the 1968 Le Mans 24 Hours (SPA18S128), the Mazda MXR-01 that raced at Le Mans in 1992 in the hands of Johnny Herbert, Bertrand Gachot and Volker Weidler (SPA18S127), and the 1987 Daytona 24 Hours winning Porsche 962 of Al Holbert, Derek Bell, Chip Robinson and Al Unser Jnr(SPA18DA87).

Click here to see them all.

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13th March 2014

Neo Now Available From Diecast Legends!

Today we added Dutch resin brand Neo to our ever growing range of replicas.

They produce predominantly 1:18 and 1:43 road cars, but there are a few subjects with a number on the side too. Most importantly, in our opinion, they replicate some British road cars that the diecast manufacturers wouldn’t even think off.

The 1:43 1960 Alvis TD21 saloon in gold and grey (NEO43418), the 1:43 1975 Rolls-Royce Camargue in black (NEO44221) and the 1:43 1980 Reliant Scimitar SE6 GTE in silver and blue (NEO43746) are just a few of our favourites.

We have some 40 1:43 Neo replicas on our website, click here to check them all out.

In other news, Sun Star announced a 1:18 replica of Colin McRae’s 1994 RAC Rally winning Subaru Impreza 555 (SS5506).

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12th March 2014

A Bit Of Everything From Corgi

Today we received a new delivery from Corgi, which featured cars, planes, trains and lorries!

The top dog is the 1:43 Ford Capri Mk.1 3000 GT that Roger Clark and Tony Mason drove in the 1973 Avon Tour of Britain (CG13303); a snip at just £26.99! This was joined by the 1:43 2013 Lotus E21 Davide Valsecchi test car (CG56803).

The 1:72 Hawker Hurricane that was piloted by Jimmy Whalen (CG39704) was the aircraft subject in question; the only locomotive 1:120 model on the delivery took the form of the Prince of Wales A3 Class (CG97605).

We received two 1:50 lorries too: the Scania R Log Trailer as used by McFadyens Transport Ltd (CG13741), and Bon-Accord Transport’s Volvo F12 Fridge Trailer (CG15509).

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11th March 2014

A Good Day For Loeb Fans

Today Norev and Spark announced new subjects, and we also received new releases from Sun Star.

Fans of rallying legend Sebastien Loeb will be pleased to hear that French company Norev has announced his Citroen DS3 WRC from the 2013 Rally of France in 1:18 scale (NV181549).

Spark also confirmed that they will be replicating two other 1:43 Loeb subjects: the McLaren MP4-12C GT3 that the Frenchman drove with Gilles Vannelet in the Paul Ricard round of the 2012 GT Tour (SPKSF067), and the Porsche 997 GT3 Cup that Loeb raced in the Macau round of the Carrera Cup Asia (SPKSA032) last year.

You can check out the rest of the Spark announcements here.

In other news we received a new delivery of 1:18 replicas from Sun Star, which was headed by Didier Auriol’s 1986 French Rally Championship winning MG Metro 6R4 (SS5532).

They also sent us the Opel Ascona 400 that Walter Rohrl drove to victory in the 1982 Ivory Coast Rally (SS5365), and Nicolas Vouilloz’s 2008 IRC Championship winning Peugeot 207 S2000 (SS5435).

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7th March 2014

Brumm Releases Ferrari 312B Transporter Set

Today we received new replicas from three different manufacturers.

The 1:43 Ferrari 312B transporter set from the 1970 Italian Grand Prix (BRT04) from Brumm was the most exciting release. In the set you get an OM 160 Rolfo transporter, the Ferrari 312Bs of Clay Regazzoni, Jacky Ickx and Ignazio Giunti, a Clay Regazzoni standing figure, two mechanics and three sets of wheels and tyres.

Automodello delivered the 1:43 1962 Ford Mustang I concept (AM005), while Schuco sent us the 1:43 Porsche 911 RS that Edgar Herrmann drove in the 1974 Safari Rally (SCH3615), and the 1:43 Mercedes C63 AMG in grey (SCH4976).

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6th March 2014

Minichamps Re-releases Hunt’s 1976 McLaren

Today we received new 1:18 replicas from both Minichamps and Spark.

Minichamps finally re-released James Hunt’s 1976 Formula One World Championship winning McLaren M23 (PG761811). The success of the recent film Rush will ensure that replicas of this car are as popular as ever. Now all we need to do is wait for Mattel’s 1976 Lauda Ferrari (HWBLY40)! We should also mention that it is limited to just 750 pieces worldwide.

They also released the 2010 Ford Focus RS Le Mans Classic Edition, which is in the livery of the Ford Capri 2600 RS that won its class in the 1972 Le Mans 24 Hours (PG080072).

Spark also sent us an interesting classic F1 subject: the Lotus 33 BRM that Graham Hill drove to second in the 1967 Monaco Grand Prix (SPA18S082).

This was joined by the Porsche 911 GT1-98 that Allan McNish, Laurent Aiello and Stephane Ortelli drove to victory in the 1998 Le Mans 24 Hours (SPA18LM98), and the 1989 Daytona 24 Hours winning Porsche 962 of John Andretti, Derek Bell and Bob Wollek (SPA18DA89).

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5th March 2014

Next Damages Day 22nd March

This year’s annual Damages Day will take place on Saturday 22nd March.

You know the drill by now; everything is priced to clear as we can’t send it anywhere and don’t want it cluttering up our warehouse. Generally, good models with damaged boxes are priced at 50% off, and damaged models are priced at a whopping 75% off.

The doors will be open from 9.00am until 12.00pm.

We want to make clear that we will not enter into any pricing negotiations on the day. If you don’t want to pay the price posted on the model, don’t pick it up!

Click here for more details.

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4th March 2014

Diecast Legends Enters the Matrix!

We introduced two fantastic new brands to Diecast Legends today.

The first is Dutch company Matrix. They produce some very interesting 1:43 road cars, such as the 1964 Aston Martin DB5 Shooting Break by Harold Radford in green (MX10108051), and the 1956 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith Empress Limousine by Hooper in cream and black (MX11705041).

Click here to see them all.

The other brand that we are offering to our customers for the first time is Kess. They also fashion their 1:43 models from resin, and produce replicas of mainly Italian cars from the likes of Fiat, Maserati and Alfa Romeo. We currently have for four Kess models in stock, of which the highlight is the 1983 Alfa Romeo 6 2.5i V6 Quadrifoglio Oro in silver (KE00150).

You can see the rest of them here.

In the coming weeks, we will be putting the new announcements for both of these brands onto our website, so make sure you keep an eye out.

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3rd March 2014

DTM Dominates New Spark Delivery

Spark released no less than 18 new 1:43 replicas today, with over a quarter of the subjects coming from last year’s DTM championship.

We received the Mercedes AMG C-Coupes of Gary Paffett (SPKSG122), Robert Wickens (SPKSG125), Daniel Juncadella (SPKSG126), Pascal Wehrlein (SPKSG127) and Roberto Merhi (SPKSG123), as well as the Audi RS5s of Felipe Albuquerque (SPKSG115) and Mattias Ekstrom (SPKSG116).

Other highlights included Sebastien Loeb’s 2013 Peugeot 208 T16 Pikes Peak test car (SPKSF062), and the McLaren M7A that Bruce McLaren drove in the 1968 Spanish Grand Prix (SPK3116).

Click here to see the rest of Spark’s new releases.

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